About WSL

WSL stands for Windows Subsystem for Linux.
It allows you too run Linux binary natively on Windows 10.

That means:

  • Run Windows and Linux softwares simultaniously
  • No VM needed
  • No Emulator needed
  • No extra cost for the system

Some of the benchmarks run on WSL generated results close to those running Linux directly on the same hardware, showing that WSL does well in terms of performance


Automatic Installer

WSAOSC: https://github.com/LER0ever/WSAOSC s Which will help you do all the setup for Installing AOSC on WSL WSAOSC

Manual Way

  1. Make sure you are running a Windows 10 newer than Build 14393
  2. Make sure you enabled WSL and Developer Mode
  3. Type bash.exe to trigger installation for lxss basic RootFS

If you don’t want to use the ubuntu provided

  1. Download the RootFS of the distro you want to install
  2. Move it to root inside WSL (in case of loss of permission info)
  3. extract it inside WSL
  4. move root to RootFS


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