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About Me

/ ˈɛvərət / ˈrɒŋ /

Everette Rong

Hola, Everette here. I’m a software engineer who loves photography and music production. I just graduated and got my dual B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and I’ll be working as a Research Intern in my gap year before grad school. 

Engineering / Theory

Software Engineering is my main focus of expertise. I’m also interested in Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, and Hardware Engineering. Currently doing research in Machine Learning, Compiler Theory, and High-Performance Computing.

Music / Performance

I love making and enjoying music. I do piano arrangements and sheet transcriptions. and play them on campus pianos from time to time.

Photography / Post

I’m a Photo Post-Producer, mainly for Cosplay works and portraits. Also a Film Maker wannabe,  and a newbie in Photography and Painting.

Self Intro

ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

I’m a Capricorn (*) from 1998. My hometown is Suzhou city in China, a.k.a. Venice of the East.

My Chinese name is 荣懿 (and its romanization: róng yì).  You’ll also find my Codenames / AKAs like “LER0ever“, “L.E.R” in many online communities.

(*): No I don’t believe in horoscopes…

Creativity and Curiosity are the main driving forces of my life. Being curious about new technology gets me interested in Software Engineering, and it allows me to do unlimited creations in the virtual world; Being curious about the universe makes me want to know more about the space beyond through computations of  Theoretical Physics and Mathematics; Love Music, as nothing like it could let one’s feelings reach people throughout time and space; Love  Painting, because the paper is your only limit of creativity; Love Photography and Post-Production, since they are the best way to record the past.


  • Research Intern at Alibaba Group: Platform of AI
  • Founder of CEA International
  • Member/contributor of multiple open source projects/communities ,more at below↓ Code Life
  • Undergraduate at University of Wisconsin – Madison,more at below↓ Academics
  • ∅ & AP
  • Member of multiple high IQ societies,  more at below↓ IQ Societies

IQ Societies

Musical World

  • Pianist and Composer. All my sheetworks are available
  • Erhu Performer (a traditional Chinese two-string instrument)

Code my life

  • Author of EverVim [Project Github]
  • Author of Project Israfil
  • Member of the Dyninst Project
  • Author of Hyve Framework
  • Author of Lumos Lang
  • Author of CRIM
  • Member of [email protected] Linux User Group


  • Cosplay Post Producer
  • Film Maker / Photographer
  • Gamer (MH World, Cytus, Minecraft, DotA, NieR)
  • Painter


  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
    • Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematics
    • Graduated in the third year w/ major GPA > 3.9
  • Pre College Education
    • Suzhou Industrial Park ******* Experimental Middle School
    • ********* Primary School of Jiangsu Province

Other pages

Take a look at other pages on this website (◕ܫ◕)

Ways to contact me and social media accounts

Where I write about programming, tech news, music, and photoshop.

Various Piano / Violin / Erhu music sheets I created or transcribed.

My book recommendation, in categories. (available only in Chinese)