The second best way to contact me is through email, with the best being face-to-face

  1. The following bold addresses are my main mailboxes, and those crossed out are deprecated ones that I cannot guarantee to check weekly.
  2. If you have an urgent need, please either contact me via phone below, or add [Urgent-SP] or [911-SP] to the subject line for my program to mark it as a priority.
  3. Emails I send might contain tracking pixels to serve as read receipt. If you don’t want to trigger that, please disable remote content loading.
  4. If you send me an email with tracking pixels or other sorts of trackers, my program might mark that as not important or even marketing spam.
  5. Please don’t send spam emails.


  • (main email address)
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  • (mailing list)


  • (Research Intern @ Alibaba)
  • (work mailbox)
  • (AI auto response)
  • (Void Tech Inc)
  • (Bemore Venture)


  • (UW-Madison)
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  • (UW-Madison CS Department)


  • (personal/half-deprecated)
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  • (MS Zombie)
  • (Apple Zombie)

-> Appointment

My public availability in Google Calendar:
Please choose a time block that isn’t labeled “Busy”, and send the calendar invites to

-> Social Media

-> Telegram: @LER0ever

-> Github: @LER0ever

-> Steam: @LER0ever

-> Facebook: LER0ever

-> Twitter: @LER0ever

-> Mastodon: @[email protected]

-> Discord: <LER0ever />#1528

-> Slack personal workspace:

-> LinkedIn: LER0ever

Chinese Bloatwares

-> WeChat: LER0ever

-> QQ: 1239007947

-> Sina Weibo: LER0ever (deprecated)

-> Mastodon:

-> Phone

  • Google Fi : +1 (419)-777-9939 (Available worldwide at anytime)
  • China Mobile: 647*3*2*2*1938637 (to be activated starting 7/1)
  • AT&T : 2*277*10983829 (scheduled destruction at 6/30…)
  • (to prevent robot calling, please put those multiplication into a calculator to get the phone number)

-> Mailing Address

Building 107, Baoxingguoji
A3 Futongdongdajie
Chaoyang District, Beijing
China 100102

-> Encrypted/Signed Messages

If you believe no body else should be able to see the message you’re about to send to me, please encrypt it with my GPG public key.

I will kindly request you to encrypt messages of the following types before you send:

  1. Security breaches in software
  2. Private information of mine or yours
  3. Commercial secret of a company
  4. Possible infringement of my rights

GPG Public Keys:

One-liner to add my public keys to your GPG local database:

curl -L | gpg --import

SSH Public Key:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCX5o8rujXnsGWnh+ZErCIBG78cPBp+YUGf1oVj2nZeiEZgcvMl29dshSKtwnz55rpqdTgHWxdanV0nt0WXNv7ghMsLtffyh3hjP++PCTnfobJ1DGKZlZcl2Sh3+bmXBdWS9hr6wwdUVYe6oLCIDiDdDVhopdPbBsDkSzkBwkR2SWy29RfwzHhPFZm0IVO+EEJX2P19nz/HmB+HZr887jGqxCIffIvmJEMpF0HuP2bsgR6KumKDkucQCK5QwS/9iP1or0VsmCtLsBqzxS5Y8G1y9h30Qge57C9eYTFcaXz8tp1ailnAnGRiQYuOo80da7qERJVJetLFTG6r3dZTIZfl [email protected]