Magic in my hands

Cosplay Post-Production


Please refer to [] for a Chinese version.

General Requirements

  • Your photos should be shot on a SLR Camera in RAW format
  • I won’t go with photos that are blurred or badly composed
  • Please put Post-Processing by LER0ever in your work.


  • Normally $8/pic
  • The entries below that followed by a $ will require extra charge
  • Max price is $15/pic

Clarify your requirements

  1. In order to make you fit the charactor settings, do you need me to:
    • Do a reasonably big modification on your face and shape
    • Change the eye color or hair color
    • Change the current costume $
  2. Do I need to change the color temperature, illumination, etc.
  3. Do I need to fix some small bugs, like moles
  4. Do you need
    • Realtime feedback when I am Photoshop-ing
    • Changing background or do a vast Cutout $
    • PSD/Affinity source format for your own modification $
  5. Am I allowed to
    • Share the processed photos on the Internet
    • Share the raw photos on the Internet

-> Contact me for processing photos