my programs, utilities and config files

Software Projects


A Modern, Powerful and Modular Vim Distribution evervim-on-manjaro


Full-featured website engine, support static site output and dynamic site serving with searching and admin functions. Most of my website has switched from Wordpress, Hexo to Portus. lumos-ler-space

Project Israfil

Integrate most music platforms in China by implementing a client-side API requester for each. Work in progress.


Utility to crop a picture into 9 pieces to send them as a image grid. imagegrid


General purpose build system. Use Lua as configration scripts. Support build/test on write, cross compilation for C-family, Rust, Golang.


An init system and job control system for Unix (consider it a systemd + cron), written in Golang.

Contributed Projects


  • Add check for Hackintosh
  • Add support for showing Neovim Terminal
  • Add support for Chrome OS Crouton